A wild first few weeks

Dear friends, family, mission partners, supporters, random people who stumbled upon this blog, welcome. As many of you know, I’m serving at the University of Texas (UT) as a missionary with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. So much is going to happen this year (so much already has happened), that I want this to be one of the main places where you can find out what I (and more importantly, God) have been doing down in Austin.

One of my favorite parts of the school year so far actually happened last weekend (it’s now 2 weekends ago, since it’s taken me forever to edit this). UT, Texas State, and the University of Texas at Tyler hosted a Spiritual Impact Bootcamp at a lake house in Austin for about 50 students total from the three schools (about half of the students were from UT). The retreat is designed to bring retreatants healing from past sins or wounds that still affect them, help them encounter and learn more about the Holy Spirit, and allow them to begin to discover the gifts the Holy Spirit wants to give them.

Because this retreat is unlike most retreats any of the students had attended, not many of them knew what to expect, and some were pretty apprehensive. But on Saturday, we spent around five hours in adoration, students had the opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation, and they had the choice to be prayed over by members of the prayer team (of which I was a part of). It was extremely energizing for me to see how the Holy Spirit used me as a channel to send His grace and healing to the students.

Of course, that’s not the only highlight to share from my first six weeks in Austin. One of the most enjoyable times was before the school year began, when we had a team offsite to the beach near Corpus Christi. In case you don’t know, I love the beach, and I was never typically able to get my fill of it when I was in Kansas.

Once school began, so did Fall Outreach. We’re blessed at Texas to have a large contingent of students involved at the University Catholic Center and that want to be active in outreach and evangelization to other students. Texas has about 50,000 students on campus, so there’s no way the five of us missionaries would be able to do all the outreach on our own. One of our main outreach efforts was setting up tables on campus and at the Catholic Center after Mass and inviting students to sign up for Bible studies. It was the first time our students had the opportunity to help us with our outreach efforts, and I was amazed by how enthusiastically they stepped up to help us out by tabling, inviting their friends, and talking with random students on campus. We didn’t have to plead with them to do it, they just did it without joy and by their own accord. About 345 new people signed up as being interested in a Bible study, and by now, most of those studies are up and running. I currently lead three Bible studies – one in Kappa Sigma Fraternity, one comprising a variety of Greek guys from a few different houses, and one for the guys whom I’m investing in and are leading Bible studies of their own.

But leading Bible studies isn’t the entirety of my job. I invest in what we call disciples, men who are looking to go deeper in their relationship with God. I want to help them develop their prayer life, so they can really know God on a personal level, and I want them to grow in their ability and confidence to share their Catholic faith with others. Right now, I’m going over intercessory prayer with a few of my disciples, and helping show them the power of praying for others. Others I’m helping prepare to lead Bible study for the first time, while some of the other disciples I’m preparing to go deeper in their outreach beyond the Catholic center. Many students take on disciples of their own, and I’m challenging men to step up and be leaders in their faith, both now and in the future when they have a family, hold a job, have children, etc. I’m currently discipling six men (four of whom lead their own Bible studies), and also investing intentional time with a couple other students. One of the most rewarding experiences so far was on Sunday and Tuesday night, when one of my disciples each of those nights called me and told me how much they appreciate how I’ve helped challenge them to grow, confront their fears about living their faith, and they thanked me for being their friend and investing my time in them.

We’ve also had plenty of time for fun. Myself and the other first-year missionary at UT, Margaret, were invited by a couple of grad students to attend the first UT football game against North Texas in box seats. It was by far the largest stadium I’ve ever been in, as it’s about 20,000 seats bigger than Arrowhead. The city of Austin itself is massive. There’s a couple of lakes we’ve been out to, there’s so many food options (Mexican and Tex-Mex galore), and there’s always something you can find to do or a place you can go explore. Everyone says 6th St. in Austin is like Mass St. in Lawrence, but Rainey St. has been our favorite stretch of bars to go to. Each one has a different theme, and they all have their own unique atmosphere.

For those of you who are wondering what the day in the life of a missionary looks like, I’ll try to give you the outline of what my schedule looks like most days. Typically, we start with an hour of Eucharistic Adoration at 9 a.m., and the rest of the morning is for team meetings, having team breakfast, taking care of administrative business, etc., depending on the day. Mass is during the noon hour, and the afternoons are wide open for us to meet with our disciples, plan Bible studies, go out on campus (sometimes with our disciples) and strike up conversations with strangers, meet with students who might be interested in knowing more about the faith, and basically just being present to the students. Evenings are for Bible studies and taking time to relax or finish up any work we want to get to.

It’s hard for me to condense everything that’s happened so far into one reasonably-sized blog post, but hopefully this is a good start to knowing more about what my life in Austin looks like. To all of my family members, friends, mission partners or students, please know that I’m praying for y’all (yes, I have started saying y’all), and thank you for reading.


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